Save TIME and MONEY by Meal Planning

by Chelsea Smith

Save TIME and MONEY by Meal Planning

We’re back!

To all of our lovely clients and readers who have patiently awaited our return, hello again!

We are so excited to return to The Organising Platform's Blog, it’s been a little over a year since our last blog post, and, as I’m sure many of you would have guessed, it’s been a very busy time! Since you last heard from us, Adam and I have welcomed our second child into the world. Our beautiful baby girl Alba is now 10 months old –Time flies! Our son Jarvis is absolutely smitten, as are we. The transition from one child to two has been utterly chaotic, but in the absolute best way possible - I'll be sure to share more on that another day!


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Now that we’ve all settled into our new routine and have had a chance to recharge, I am so excited to return to work doing what I love most, helping others simplify their lives through the art of decluttering, ensuring they remain organised when life gets busy. A huge thank you to the dedicated TOP girls who have been taking charge for me in the meantime and continuing to transform the homes of our clients! You are all incredible.

Moving forward, we now aim to write to you each and every month, sharing a variety of tips and tricks and hoping to spark a little bit of motivation in those who are reading.

This month’s blog post will be focused on all things meal planning – A term I’m sure we’ve all feared at one stage or another! While it can easily be considered a tedious task to some, meal planning is certainly not rocket science and I assure you it can actually be super helpful when it comes to running an organised household! A meal plan can help you in a number of ways, and here are my top reasons for giving it a go:



ONE: You’ll save money

Trust me, if you put aside a spare half an hour each work to write up a meal plan for the week, your grocery bill will drastically reduce. Not only will you save money by having food at home prepared and ready to go each night, you will also learn to shop more efficiently at the store.

TWO: You’ll save time

Sure, the initial task of meal planning for the week ahead takes a little time, but I promise that you will make this time back when you are quickly whipping up a pre-planned meal on a Tuesday night instead of mindlessly staring into your fridge seeking inspiration. By having a meal plan in place and your ingredients ready to go, you will also spend far less time at the grocery store.

THREE: You’ll minimise wastage

When you implement a meal plan, you only need to buy exactly what you need in the exact amounts you need – That’s it! Meal planning ensures each last ounce of food is gobbled up in one way or another and you will no longer be discovering a half bag of onions loitering at the back of your pantry WAY beyond their lifespan. Meal planning will also encourage you to become more aware when it comes to utilising what you already have, rather than opting for unnecessary additions.

FOUR: You’ll improve your nutrition

Knowing exactly what you will be serving up for your meals will allow you to concentrate on preparing more nutritious and balanced meals. By taking the time to pre-plan, you will not only completely eliminate the need to ever rely on a last-minute, unhealthy option for dinner, but you will also never need to take a whirl through the local drive-thru due to a lack of delicious and healthy ingredients at home!

FIVE: You’ll enjoy variety and control

Let’s face it; nobody really enjoys eating the same thing multiple times a week. A menu plan allows you to be creative with your ideas and will help you to stop serving the same dinner over and over again. As you get into the habit of meal planning, you will be likely to notice an increase in your creativity when it comes to developing meals, too – And don’t forget, Google is always an option! If you have a fussy hubby or young kids, I can guarantee that they will love the variety and trying something new each week. Additionally, when you meal plan, the ball is in your court when it comes to what kind of food leaves your kitchen and goes into yours and your loved ones bodies – And who doesn’t love to be organised?!


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