The Organising Platform is dedicated to providing professional and personalised home organisation services that help you make room for what’s important to you

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Hands on Decluttering and Organisation

We work with you in your home 

Helping you create and maintain simple, effective organising systems that support your daily life

We're passionate about creating calm, uncluttered home environments while improving productivity, saving you both time and money.

Togther we can remove the overwhelm and help you declutter and organise every part of your home including:

Kitchen | Pantry


Kids Play Zones

Living Areas


Bathroom | Laundry

Linen Press

Home Office

Garage | Storage Area

We understand that no two homes are the same which is why we tailor our packages specifically according to your personal circumstances, budget and vision.

All Hands on Decluttering and Organisation Sessions are inclusive of the following:

1. In-depth planning and goal setting consultation with one of our experienced Professional Organisers and Declutter Coaches prior to your session

2. Tailored plan of action specifically designed for your needs according to your budget

3. Product recommendations

4. One on one, non-judgemental, hands on decluttering and organising support throughout your session/s

5. Support to develop systems, routines and positive habits you can maintain with minimal daily effort

6. Provision of garbage bags and labelling equipment

7. Facilitate the removal of any unwanted items for donations

8. Follow-up to see how you are adapting to your newly organised home and life

Regain control of your home once and for all!

Half day package (4 hours) $550 inc GST

FULL DAY PACKAGE (6 hours) $770 inc GST

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“Over 4 sessions, Chelsea completely transformed our house creating a functional home that I could be proud of. She guided and supported me on how and when to let go of items that no longer served a purpose in my life with respect, grace and ease. She was professional and a complete delight to have in my home. We methodically worked through each space removing the overwhelming feeling of having had too much stuff! I feel like a huge weight has been lifted from my shoulders and I couldn't be happier"

- Natalie, Kew

Let's get organised

Brand Name

The Organising Platform Moving Assistance, Downsizing Assistance
Moving Assistance

Our trusted team of professionals are here to help ease the stress and frustration associated with moving house or downsizing

We understand that each and every home and budget is unique, which is why we tailor our packages specifically according to your needs: 

1. Hands on decluttering prior to your move 

We work with you to eliminate the accumulated clutter before you even start to think of packing. By identifying the things you actually ‘love’ and ‘use’ – you are able to recognise that the other stuff is just clutter holding you back. Now is the perfect opportunity to embrace the next chapter in your life by letting go. We can assist you on how to sell, donate or dispose of what you no longer wish to hold onto ensuring that there is less to deal with on the other side of the move.

2. Downsizing Assistance 

We can help you or your loved ones organise and downsize a lifetimes worth of belongings with grace and ease ensuring that this transition into a smaller home is as smooth as possible.

3. Unpacking and Organisation 

Perhaps you're time poor, or simply overwhelmed with the concept of unpacking your entire home, either way, we're here to help you settle into your brand new home. We will work along side of you, or for you, to seamlessly create the space you've envisioned.    

Remove the stress associated with moving home! 



$1,450 INC GST

+ Ask us about our shopping service 


" I couldn't have done it without you Chelsea.

There is a mischievious side to me that wants to take some credit for such Professional Organisation and Style. Your service made the stressful process of moving so much easier.
You did it all in a timely manner, anticipated things I certainly hadn't and all with such great patience and courteousy,
You are a life changer. Thanks again"

Christopher, Richmond


The Organising Platform's gift of Organisation. Gift Voucher,
Gift Voucher
Gift Vouchers

The Organising Platform can help you give someone special the unique gift of a clutter free, organised home that they truly love

Help someone kick start their personal journey to a more organised, intenional home OR help them to prepare for the next chapter in their life.

The perfect gift idea for:

The person who has everything

Baby shower

House warming

Mother’s day | Father’s day

Birthday celebrations

Our one-on-one organising sessions with our experienced Professional Organisers and Declutter Coaches are tailored to specifically meet your needs.