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Chelsea Smith The Organising Platform Professional Home Organiser

meet our founder Chelsea Smith

Professional Organiser, Mum, Wife, Daughter and Friend. 

After a number of years in the corporate world, Chelsea decided to follow her heart and passion in helping individuals and families simplify and organise their lives while creating intentional homes through the art of decluttering. 

Chelsea believes that a cluttered home is both a sign and source of stress.

By removing the accumulated excess within your life you will significantly reduce stress, allow yourself to think clearer, and feel more in control, all while freeing up your time for what is most important to YOU.  

Chelsea has been able to draw on both personal and professional experiences to help thousands of people across the globe by sharing tips, inspiration and motivation that can be implemented applied in your home. 

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Professional Home Organiser in Melbourne, Australia

When it comes down to the aspect of getting hold of a proper home organiser, people tend to misunderstand the true meaning behind that statement. They are under the impression that it implies a trained person simply adjusting a few things here and there in the house and calling it a day. The moment you get in touch with us at The Organising Platform, you will have personal access to some of the best home organisers, including a professional organiser as well.

With regard to the most sought-after professional organiser in Australia, we have exactly what you are looking for and much more. Plus, all of our team experts will be more than happy to help you out at any time of the day as per your convenience.

Decluttering, Organising and Simplifying your Home

The biggest challenges that most of us as family units tend to face is the fact that whenever we try and make plans to declutter a major part of our home of all the unwanted stuff that has been accumulating all these months, a host of unforseen problems make their appearance. This, in turn, leads to the total failure of all our elaborate plans for the future.

However, with a professional organiser in Melbourne provided to you by us, there is no need for you to worry any longer as he will sort everything out for you from the very get go. Out primary aim is the simplification of the cleaning-up process in every way, so that our work can get done a lot more smoothly.


Out of all the problems that seemingly plague all of us collectively on an everyday basis, the factor of how to keep our home free from clutter is arguably one of the top five problems that all of us can certainly relate to. There are really no two ways about that. With a professional organiser in Sydney, a great number of related problems will be lifted off your chest in a jiffy.

You can sit back and relax, knowing that there is no need for you to take the trouble of brainstorming for solutions when the most esteemed experts are taking care of all your home-related problems in an extremely calculative and systematic manner.

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