Mindset To Decluttering Your Wardrobe

by Chelsea Smith

Mindset To Decluttering Your Wardrobe

Did you know that just 20% of the average person's closet is worn on a regular basis?

This stat had me stumped! That seems like a lot of clothes going unworn on a regular basis, neglected in the back of the closet, pushed aside in favour of the preferred daily ensemble… On reflection, I have to admit that this was me.

A few months earlier, I had culled my wardrobe, donating bag after bag of rarely worn garments. I sold beautiful dresses that I had purchased for events, and parted ways with corporate suits that I was unlikely to ever wear again… I’d made a step in the right direction.

But not long after my massive closet purge, I found myself with still too many unworn clothes.

I wasn’t dealing with the issue at hand...

I was still impulse buying!

I would buy new pieces without considering what they actually looked like on me and how they suited my personal style. I realised that I needed to deal with the real problem. It was time to evaluate and take a good long look at myself. Who was I, what did my clothing choices say about me, and what was it that I actually needed as far as my wardrobe collection went?

I’m a mum; therefore I am always after comfort and practicality. I so rarely go out after 7pm and when I do, I like to dress up - though not necessarily to the 9’s. You will more often than not find me make up free and in my “active wear” or in a pair of comfy jeans and a T.

First, I had to learn to define myself and my style. This meant becoming comfortable with who I was at that stage in my life.

I was constantly complaining that I “had no clothes”!

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Yet the abundance of what I owned and consequently didn’t like was overwhelming.

Sadly, my wardrobe was filled with guilt. I could barely stand to look at these outfits which represented all the time and money that I had spent on items that never properly suited my body shape or never truly connected with my style. All these pieces were constant reminders of the mistakes I had been making over the years, reminders that took up valuable space in my wardrobe.

This second time around, I edited and culled what I already owned with a vision in mind. I now only ever invest in new items that really connect with who I am and what I already have. Let me tell you, I only own a fraction of the clothes that I once did, and yet I have more outfits to mix and match. I now spend more time finding clothes that seamlessly blend into my wardrobe. Every piece fits together to create an overall theme, one that expresses my personal style.

It has taken some time to honestly love every item that is hung or folded in my wardrobe (to see how I fold a t-shirt using the KonMari Method check out my Facebook page).

It feels so refreshing! Not only does it take me less time to get dressed in the morning but my bank balance (and my hubby) thank me for it!

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I had to share my newfound mantra – so that you’ll never swing your wardrobe open, stare blankly at the abundance of clothes and complain that you “have nothing to wear”!

When you find yourself pondering over a top that is tempting you - simply take the time to ask yourself the following:

Do I actually love this?

Do I need it?

Does it suit my personal style?

Be honest, and let your senses guide you. Your answers may just surprise you.

Following this rule of thumb will grant you optimal use of your items and a guilt free wardrobe that you can be proud of.


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