What my clients have to say... 

"Everyone needs Chelsea in their lives! I've been following Chelsea for a while with a keen interest and it wasn't until recently that I had the pleasure of working with her. (my only regret is not making contact sooner). She is a weapon and can transform not only an area but your mindset in a short space of time. She makes you feel totally at ease , is kind, organised and super efficient. Every one of Chelsea's suggestions and tips were genius. I look forward to working with you again in the future. Thank-you Chelsea xx"

- Ange, Rosanna 

"Chelsea has been amazing!! She has helped me declutter and totally understand the importance of not having too much stuff!! I can’t recommend Chelsea enough she will actually change your life!!!" 

- Effie, Greensborough
"Chelsea came to my home to help me sort through the rubble that had accumulated in our garage and in the space of a few short hours, she totally transformed not only the garage space but other areas too with her wise advice and practical tips. More importantly, Chelsea was a total delight to work alongside and her patient, encouraging and fun approach was just perfect for me. 
When we finished for the day I immediately felt so much more organised and in control and I really feel in the weeks following I have been equipped to tackle other areas in the house which feels so great!

Chelsea - I can’t thank you enough!”

- Sarah, Glen Iris

“Wow what a huge job! Thanks to Chelsea for her help today, it was such a massive task but one that I can now tick off the list. Chelsea was so pleasant to have at our home, a true professional not to mention that she was extremely productive, hammering through the day with us. She certainly helped us to organise our garage and put us on the path to cleaner/clearer space. In fact I measured almost 4.5 cubic meters of junk being thrown out. Thank you so much again!”

Marlon, Skype 

"Thank you so much Chelsea for your help, you were an ABSOLUTE ANGEL. I had been wanting to get into my Wardrobe for a approx 12mths and just couldnt get the motivation to do it on my own - everytime I went to start I got overwhelmed and just made an excuse to put it off.
Had I not have had you booked in and locked out the time on that day I definetly would not have made a start once again. My Wardrobe looks amazing and I have managed to keep it all in order since you left.
It was so nice to have the help and support and to be able to see everything clearly and all in order.
A very happy customer and you were so lovely to work with :)
Many thanks Again x"

Karyn, Ivanhoe
“Chelsea has inspired me beyond words. She has revolutionised the way I live, and helped me get through so much clutter in my life. Through the release and letting go of this clutter has been a stepping stone in the healing process from losing my mum almost ten years ago. She’s taught me that simple is best and that our life shouldn’t be made from “things”. Chelsea has been an inspiration to me and I would have been living in a very cluttered home and cluttered mind if it weren’t for her.

Thank you Chelsea for all that you have done”

- Walid, Springvale

 “Over 4 sessions, Chelsea completely transformed our house creating a functional home that I could be proud of. She guided and supported me on how and when to let go of items that no longer served a purpose in my life with respect, grace and ease. She was professional and a complete delight to have in my home. We methodically worked through each space removing the overwhelming feeling of having had too much stuff! I feel like a huge weight has been lifted from my shoulders and I couldn't be happier"

- Natalie, Kew

"I’m so glad I finally made contact with Chelsea. I desperately needed help with making my kids’ playroom inviting and functional. I didn’t think it would be possible to have it done in 4 hours however, Chelsea aka The Machine made it all happen. She was so quick, productive and efficient. Her organisation skills was just amazing. The kids are now enjoying their space and I have my lounge room back. Thank you for your awesome work, Chels"

Lina, Altona North

"Thank you Chelsea from The Organising Platform who transformed my walk in pantry today. I absolutely love your air tight containers with labels, and your one stop shop for storage baskets too. What a fantastic service - I highly recommend this to those that are too busy to get around to pantry’s, cupboards, etc"

Andrea, Doreen 

"A friend of mine had told me about the organising platform and said Chelsea was amazing. I find myself to be pretty organised so never found the need to use her services until we decided to put our first home on the market with only 2 weeks notice until our scheduled photo day.
Our agent referred us to her stylist who gave me a ridiculous quote and made me feel uncomfortable in my own home.
I got in contact with Chelsea who instantly made me feel like i was in good hands. I gave Chelsea my budget and I couldnt believe what she could do with just a few hundred dollars. She completely transformed my home and helped me declutter. Chelsea was able to guide me along the way which gave me a few ideas for my new home. I never knew there was so much to styling a house. Theres colours, the way you make your bed, what is clutter and what is decor ect.
Thank you for squeezing me in to your busy schedule and completelytransforming my home"

Bree, Eltham 

"There is a mischievious side to me that wants to take some credit for such Professional Organisation and Style. Your service made the stressful process of moving so much easier.
You did it all in a timely manner, anticipated things I certainly hadn't and all with such great patience and courteousy,
You are a life changer. Thanks again"

- Christopher, Darlinghurst

"My pantry has never looked so amazing, i have struggled to get it neat and tidy let alone organised! Now everything is clearly displayed easy to get to and neat. Chelsea does an amazing job can't wait to get her started on tackling the rest of my unorganised house. I Definitelyrecommend her service to anyone who needs a bit of organisation in their life's :)..."

Brownyn, Caringbah 

“What a thoughtful and practical gift! Chelsea came to our house for a half day session and totally transformed a junk filled spare room into a gorgeous, functional nursery for our soon to arrive baby boy. She was amazing – sorting out teeny clothes, putting together the cot and giving it a good scrub, fixing the layout so it made sense, styling the room and hanging pictures. She was enthusiastic, respectful, caring and I couldn’t have been happier with the result. I particularly loved how she took treasured items and made them a focal point.

Thank you Chelsea! You are worth your weight in gold!”

- Kate, Port Melbourne 

"So grateful to Chelsea for her support and skills in organising my home. I’m a collector of everything – clothes, shoes, sentimental ornaments and so on, which made the thought of decluttering very overwhelming. Chelsea helped me to work out what was actually important to me and showed me different ways of organising which catered to my needs. I was worried that I wouldn’t keep it up but I’ve found it easy because everything has a home – it’s now been two months! Thank-you Chelsea for helping me feel organised and free!"

Melanie, Doreen

"Recently came across Chelsea’s Instagram and bought her ebook and it has been such a game changer in my house. I’ve been able to let go of all the “stuff” I’ve been holding on to for no real reason and great suggestions on how to organise things to make my house clutter free. So many simple suggestions and inexpensive solutions. Thank you Chelsea for making life cleaner and simpler"

Jenna, Melbourne

"Chelsea has not only helped me declutter my home, though she has single handedly shown me how to declutter my mind. Her words, tips and life hacks are somehow in my head as apart of on my daily routine. These leanings have taught me a powerful lesson that resonates, and I intend to lead by example for my children's sake. Thank you Chelsea, for your time, and expertise"

- Susan, Kew

"Moving house at 8 months pregnant was a daunting prospect but with Chelsea's help the whole process was much easier and less stressful. She gave me some great ideas for storage and transformed my pantry and wardrobe in just a few hours. It's really worth booking an expert to give you the platform to build upon" 

Jonica, Cronulla