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A lot of people fail to realise that simply Googling “how to organise your home” is certainly not going to do the trick when it comes down to actually getting a gargantuan job like that done properly. It is as simple as that. It is anything but an easy task, (especially if not planned well) but the fact of the matter is that it can be done provided you have all of your priorities sorted out first, along with all the necessary steps that need to be taken. The priorities include the list of items that you plan to deal with and sort out first, followed by the decision of whether to do a DIY job or hire a professional company.

In this regard, a great many people with experience swear by a DIY job and for them, it is the ideal option since they have been down that road several times over. However, for the most part, people do not have that much experience in the organisation of the entirity of their home from top to bottom. Hence, a thoorughly experienced and professional company is the ideal bet and one must leave no stone unturned to find the best service out there, right from word-of-mouth recommendations to trusted Internet reviews.

First and foremost, there is really no right way to organise your home. This is primarily because the strategy you end up choosing has to ultimately work with your habits, personal tastes and lifestyle as a whole. Having said that, there are certainly a few thorough strategies that can help you a great deal in the sheer effectiveness of the overall process of organisation. Bear in mind that these specific smart approaches will certainly end up saving you a great deal of time and money in the future. Plus you will not be unnecessarily stressing over the mundane aspects of the cleanup operation that don’t matter in the long run.

Before anything else, here are the first two things that you need to do:-

    • Refrain from buying storage containers till all the junk is sorted out: You should not look at running out and buying storage supplies as the first important thing that needs to be done. Things simply don’t work that way at all. The actual truth of the matter is that we have gotten things completely backwards in this regard. Until and unless you’ve done a sufficient amount of sorting out by yourself, you will have little to no idea about the kind of containers that you require in the first place. That is for certain.
    • Figure out whether your organisational system is efficient or not: This is a vital aspect that a lot of people tend to forget about from time to time. For instance, if a place still looks messy even after you’ve done a bit of cleaning, then it’s time to reevaluate matters and see what went wrong. Basically, the whole process ideally should not take you more than 15-20 minutes and after that, grouping different things together based on their use should be your next step. If you take more time than that, it is more than likely that you will end up doing double-work and little to nothing will come out of it.

Once these two aspects are out of the way and have been taken care of, one can go about the organisational process in a much more calm and fruitful manner. Even the tiniest aspects like creating a deadline for yourself will certainly spur you to make quicker decisions on what stuff should stay and what needs to go as soon as possible. With a deadline that is written down, you will automatically make yourself accountable and this will move you to action a lot quicker than before.

How To Organise Your Home

Ultimately, there should be three priorities that you must have completely sorted out from the very beginning itself. The first one is reducing clutter in general, followed by cleaning up the place which ends in you finding it a lot easier to store a great many things. If there is just a big blob of messy stuff lying in one corner of your room, you need to get your knuckles cracking and sort it out to give you the much-needed peace of mind that you so desperately require. Since storing your things is the final step in all of this, one needs to make sure that the process is as simplified and straightforward as possible.

On that note, here are the top four tips to organise your home in the best way possible:-

    • Employ fewer steps to put things away: A lot of times, people make organising difficult for themselves without even realising it. Hence, making everything a one-handed operation is the ideal way to go about things. The fewer steps the better, and using containers without lids would be the best step in the right direction.
    • Look out for clutter hot-spots: Here, flat surfaces tend to gather loads of clutter a lot faster than other spots in the house. With this in mind, you should make the clearing of any flat spaces, the number one priority of your nightly routine in general. Even if you are hard-pressed for time to do that, you could put a small furniture piece on that flat surface.
    • Divide the sorting-out process into proper steps: When it comes down to sorting things out, do it all in one shot and make sure that you have set up a staging area. After that, clear containers and baskets can take care of whatever is left. Most of all, you need to remember to label everything so you don’t end up forgetting where is what.
    • Don’t be afraid to be picky: After all, why should you allow your space to become a dumping ground for anything and everything you can’t make up your mind about? Be careful about what you end up keeping for someone else and make sure that anything of that sort is a mere temporary hold-on and be sure to set a pick-up date.
    • Try employing a new perspective: Taking a few steps back and assessing things from a different point of view can work wonders for cleaning up any clutter. Imagine that you are a guest in your own home and you will suddenly find that what appeared organised to you before, is not the same anymore.

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