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Where it all began


A daunting word for most, and a completely foreign concept for many.


Not too long ago, I found myself unconsciously cramming my home with unnecessary impulse purchases. While I wouldn’t exactly say that I was suffering from a shopping addiction, my poor husband may have disagreed, and rightly so, since the house was quickly becoming overpowered by excess clothing, knick knacks and homewares. When I looked around, I felt a harrowing sense of guilt. I knew that I needed organisation in my life. Not only for the sake of my sanity, but also for the sake of my family.


I felt that I needed a monumental change. Not solely in the sense of decluttering, though with a new baby on the way and a house bursting at the seams, it was clear that something needed to be done. I also found myself craving a life change, too. At this point, I had been immersed in the corporate world for a number of years. While I certainly had a high level of respect and appreciation for my job, the company I was working for and the opportunities I was presented with, I still lacked that sense of satisfaction and fulfilment that we all search for. I found myself pondering whether I saw myself in this job forever, and whether I was satisfied with what my job was bringing to my life. Whilst it was a difficult realisation to make, the powerful “NO” that ruled my mind was impossible to ignore.


From the moment I became a Mum, I knew that my life had greater meaning. I sought a higher sense of purpose and questioned how I could become the best possible version of myself. During my maternity leave, I finally made the decision to commit to that change I was looking for, and to pursue the life that I felt I was destined to live.


The first step in this journey arose when my husband and I made the bold decision to relocate from Sydney’s inner city to the beautiful, calm Sutherland Shire. We wanted to be closer to the ocean and we wanted a yard for our son to enjoy. While we knew that we would be making some sacrifices along the way, it was clear that we were making the right decision for our family, our health and our happiness. Despite being able to process this, I was scared. Change can be extremely intimidating, and I found myself wondering what I was going to do with all of my “stuff” that I had accumulated over the years.


Deep down, I knew that there was a huge part of me wanting to live a simpler life. A simpler life to me meant less possessions, less social commitments and less multi-tasking. I knew that my life was busier than it needed to be, but, like many others, I found it difficult to pull away. I yearned for an existence that was defined by what wastrulyimportant to me – My friends, family, happiness and love. I knew that those things were my true calling.


With this realisation at the forefront of my mind, I asked myself “How can I use this insight to help others?”


Having lived within the hustle and bustle of the city for so long, I understood that needing to fit within a small home is a financial necessity for a huge number of families. As a wife and mother, I also understood the difficulty of juggling life’s demands with the ongoing needs of a household. It was a journey to gain a greater understanding of what was actually important to me, and how to suppress the unnecessary role of physical belongings. I learned to let go of the collectibles and to stop giving in to the pushy homeware sales. I’ve streamlined my life and my family’s life. In doing so, I have been able to help countless other families along the way, too.


I realise that finding this balance is not just about organisation and decluttering, but understanding the bigger picture and finding peace within your life and your home. It is about mustering the motivation to make those essential changes, particularly if you feel stuck or stagnant within your current environment. When I achieved these things, I discovered the things that truly bring me comfort and allow me to feel whole. Subsequently, this is what I aim to teach my clients. I want my clients to learn that they need to belong to themselves first, in order to determine what is most meaningful to them.


When I began The Organising Platform, I had one very simple mission in mind – To convey my personal journey of self-discovery and renewal to others in a way that would inspire them to do the same. The Organising Platformis more than just a decluttering service, it is a personal path to mindfulness and fulfilment.


I love what I do and I find such great reward in being able to see what a difference a supportive and empathic approach can make to an individual’s life. What may feel to be overwhelming and unachievable to you is an exciting challenge to me. I will help you to re-gain control of your environment, restore a sense of wellbeing and give you back your time so you can focus on the important things in life. In most situations, I’ve learned that we are all looking for similar things – Whether it be time with loved ones, personal freedom or the ability to make clear and informed decisions. It’s amazing how something as simple as organising our physical space can set us up on the path to find all of those things.


Together, we will create inspiring results so you can continue your personal journey with confidence. Your success is my success, and I hope to share this experience with you soon.

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