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The Ultimate Guide to Organising Your Home

The Ultimate Guide To Organising Your Home



The time is now to start organising your home!

The Organising Platform’s Ultimate Guide to help you get all the information you need to successfully get started on your organising journey!

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In the eBook, you will learn:

  • Systems that work: How to organise each area of your home
  • Equipment: The easy way to find and use equipment the you already have
  • Getting started: Where to start, What to KEEP, SELL, DONATE and THROW
  • Next! Maintaining your home and having the right mindset!

Grab your piece of the organising pie: Save MONEY and TIME, Stress LESS and increase your PRODUCTIVITY!

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Do you ever find yourself feeling stressed out for seemingly no reason? Unable to concentrate on the task at hand? Struggling to be productive and get things done?

Studies have shown that physical clutter competes with important tasks for your attention. It distracts you, reduces your ability to perform and increases your stress level – often without you even realising it.

Whether it’s a wardrobe stuffed with outdated fashions or kitchen cupboards packed to the brim with clutter, excess “stuff” around you can have a negative impact on your ability to focus and process information.

And the longer you let the problem build, the worse it can become. You may feel so overwhelmed with your accumulated junk that you literally don’t know where to start.

That’s where I come in: I want to help you to take charge of your surroundings and clear the clutter within your life. If you follow the steps outlined in this book, you’ll start to notice small changes in your daily life. You’ll find yourself happier and more productive. You’ll be able to focus better and get more done. And you’ll notice a reduction in daily stress almost immediately.

While clutter has been shown to negatively affect performance, what qualifies as “clutter” isn’t a set standard. It is your perception of clutter that matters, not someone else’s. Therefore, in every area of your home, you need to think about what level of organisation will work for you and your loved ones.

The solutions I offer in this book are designed to be cost-effective and easy to implement. I want you to be able to make your home more appealing and inviting – using what you already own. While I will be offering suggestions on equipment you may find helpful throughout the coming chapters, you don’t need to go out and buy armfuls of new containers or storage equipment to do this. You can get creative – use old baking trays to hold spices, or place things in used jars with a resealable lid.

So if you’re reading this, you might be a bit sceptical. No one likes having clutter in their home, you might be thinking, is it really so important to keep your home tidy at all times?

In one word, yes. There are many benefits to becoming more organised.

Get started with The Organising Platform’s Ultimate Guide to Organising Your Home!

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