The Organising Platform offers a wide range of affordable services tailored specifically for your needs and designed to save you time and money.

Home Decluttering and Organisation 

The Organising Platform work with you to clear the accumulated clutter in your home and organise what is left, offering personal advice and creative storage solutions that you can manage on a daily basis. We tackle any space in your home or office. No job is too big, or too small:

  • Living Areas
  • Kitchen | Pantry
  • Bedrooms
  • Wardrobe Rejuvenation
  • Kids Areas
  • Bathroom | Laundry
  • Lined Press
  • Home Office
  • Garage | Storage Areas

Home Relocation

Decluttering in preparation for your move | Downsizing Assistance 

We make the move easier by working with you to eliminate the accumulated clutter before you even start to think of packing. Now is the perfect opportunity to rid yourself of the belongings in your home that no longer serve a purpose in your life, saving you time, space and energy. We assist you on how to sell, donate or dispose of what you no longer wish to hold onto ensuring that there is less to deal with on the other side of the move.

Part Styling prior to sale of property 

Our team take a different approach to styling your home in preparation for sale. Our objective is to make your home appeal to the largest possible segment of the market by neutralising your current decor and furnishings. Decluttering and simplifying your home has a big impact and is often under estimated. We use creative furniture placement and sleight of hand to manage the space and emphasise the best features of your home. We work closely with Real Estate Agents and property stylists to increase the buyer interest and sale price. what a huge job!

Packing and Unpacking 

The Organising Platform and their trusted army of professionals can assist you to pack all of your belongings to ensure that your items are organised, categorised and safely sorted for uplift. We can even unpack your home so that you don’t have to! We help you to settle into your new space by assisting with furniture arrangement, styling and creative storage solutions.

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