Our War Against Clutter! 

Are you drowning in clutter and overwhelmed with all of your stuff?

Do you struggle to find the time and energy to sort through all of the accumulated clutter?

Don’t stress, organising and decluttering is what we do best!

The Ultimate Guide to Organising Your Home


In the eBook, you will learn:

  • Systems that work: How to organise each area of your home
  • Equipment: The easy way to find and use equipment the you already have
  • Getting started: Where to start, What to KEEP, SELL, DONATE and THROW
  • Next! Maintaining your home and having the right mindset!

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The Organising Platform has a passion for organisation, we provide a range of professional organising and affordable styling services for your home and office.

We pride ourselves on looking at spaces differently, we understand that not everyone has the time nor the drive to declutter, organise and systemise their specific space.

We work with you to customise your existing areas by offering tailored advice while implementing processes that will keep you on track.

Most importantly we don’t judge. Our priority is to transform your space into a stress free environment that you can be proud of.

What my clients have to say… 

“Wow what a huge job! Thanks to Chelsea for her help today, it was such a massive task but one that I can now tick off the list. Chelsea was so pleasant to have at our home, a true professional not to mention that she was extremely productive, hammering through the day with us. She certainly helped us to organise our garage and put us on the path to cleaner/clearer space. In fact I measured almost 4.5 cubic meters of junk being thrown out. Thank you so much again!”

– Marlon, Melbourne

“Chelsea came to our house for three hours and totally transformed a junk filled spare room into a gorgeous, functional nursery for our soon to arrive baby boy. She was amazing – sorting out teeny clothes, putting together the cot and giving it a good scrub, fixing the layout so it made sense, styling the room and hanging pictures. She was enthusiastic, respectful, caring and I couldn’t have been happier with the result. I particularly loved how she took treasured items and made them a focal point. Thank you Chelsea! You are worth your weight in gold!”

– Kate, Port Melbourne

“Moving house at 8 months pregnant was a daunting prospect but with Chelsea’s help the whole process was much easier and less stressful. She gave me some great ideas for storage and transformed my pantry and wardrobe in just a few hours. It’s really worth booking an expert to give you the platform to build upon”

– Jonica, Cronulla

“I couldn’t have done it without you Chelsea. Thank- you so much. There is a mischievious side to me that wants to take some credit for such Professional organisation and style. Your service made the stressful time of moving so much easier. You did it on time, anticipated things I certainly hadn’t and all with such great patience and courtesy, Chelsea, you are a life changer. Now if only I can get people to believe I did it. Thanks again”

– Chris, Darlinghurst

“Thank you so much Chelsea for your help, you were an ABSOLUTE ANGEL. I had been wanting to get into my Wardrobe for a approx 12mths and just couldnt get the motivation to do it on my own – everytime I went to start I got overwhelmed and just made an excuse to put it off. Had I not have had you booked in and locked out the time on that day I definetly would not have made a start once again. My Wardrobe looks amazing and I have managed to keep it all in order since you left. It was so nice to have the help and support and to be able to see everything clearly and all in order. A very happy customer and you were so lovely to work with. Many thanks Again”

– Karyn, Bonnet Bay

“My pantry has never looked so amazing, i have struggled to get it neat and tidy let alone organised! Now everything is clearly displayed easy to get to and neat. Chelsea does an amazing job can’t wait to get her started on tackling the rest of my unorganised house. I Definitely recommend her service to anyone who needs a bit of organisation in their lives”

– Browyn, Caringbah

“Having so many photo albums and very little space in which to store them, Chelsea did a fantastic job helping me to scan my photos onto a hard drive. Chelsea’s skills were also most welcome when we needed to decorate and declutter for a 60th birthday party. She has great insight into a customer’s needs. Will definitely be getting Chelsea back and highly recommend her to sort out your storage and clutter problems”

– Leigh, Eltham

“So grateful to Chelsea for her support and skills in organising my home. I’m a collector of everything – clothes, shoes, sentimental ornaments and so on, which made the thought of decluttering very overwhelming. Chelsea helped me to work out what was actually important to me and showed me different ways of organising which catered to my needs. I was worried that I wouldn’t keep it up but I’ve found it easy because everything has a home – it’s now been two months! Thank-you Chelsea for helping me feel organised and free!”

– Melanie, Diamond Creek

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  1. I’ve just come across your site and Instagram and I love it. I’m dedicating the whole of April to decluttering and I love all your tips and advice. It would be great if you’d check out my blog, I’m posting about my experiences!

    1. Hi Katie,
      Thank you for your comment. I thought I would check in and see how your month of April has been since detecting it to a decluttering project?
      I hope that you have found a new sense of calm in your home surrounded by items that you love.
      I enjoyed reading your Spring Cleaning and Decluttering blog post. Marie Kondo who has taught me a new meaning of “joy”!

    1. Hi Jaya,
      You’re absolutely right!
      It’s all about staying motivated once you’ve finished a major decluttering project in your home.
      Old habits of accumulation can start to creep back in over time, often without us even noticing.
      It’s so important to continue to make it a regular part of your life.
      Which brings me to one of my favourite quotes:
      “An organised home doesn’t happen by itself, regular upkeep is the key”.
      Chelsea XO

  2. Hi Chelsea,
    Hope this email finds you well, I am Donna Etchells PA and I think we have a client we have sold for that needs help with packing up he home and possibly also unpacking and organising at the other end, is this something you would do?
    Let me know.

    1. Hi Sue,
      Thank you for reaching out on Donna’s behalf.
      This is indeed one of my specialities. I have followed up with a private email and look forward to to hearing back from you.
      Many thanks.
      Chelsea XO

  3. Many people feel overwhelmed daily by the amount of clutter in their lives. Whether you have too much stuff or you just do not have it organised well, it can cause stress in your life. You may experience frustration from not being able to find anything. Clutter and disorganisation do not always happen just at your home either. Have you ever lost anything in you office? While losing things around the house can be stressful, losing important work documents can be detrimental. But, you can overhaul your environment, which can lead to a healthier you.

    1. Hi Glen,
      Thank you very much for your relevant comments. I completely agree that living in a clutter-free environment can lead to a healthier, happier and more productive YOU.

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